Urea Melt Additive
FERTIBON urea melt additive is incorporated with active ingredients based on surface activity and ionic activity relating to cohesion and compression of prills with a host of promoters and migrating aids, apart from coupling agents that are required to enable the organic chemicals to effectively interact with the hygroscopic urea fertilizer prills. FERTIBON urea melt additive is system compatible and promotes uniform mixing of the melt thereby enabling prilling with uniform pressure. This in turn gives rise to increase in prill strength as also reducing the fines to the bare minimum. The minimum and maximum prill strengths and the average prill strength are very close to each other i.e. prill strength is maintained in a close range this product is non-toxic in nature, and does not cause any skin toxicity / irritation, plant / micro-organism toxicity related to agricultural use of urea.

FERTIBON urea melt additive is tailor-made based on specific process needs. FERTIBON also provides engineering service requirement in installation and operation of the dosing systems for controlled, cost effective dosing of FERTIBON products.
Dosing Urea Melt Additive
Dosing of Urea Melt Additive
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