Colouring Cum Anticaking Agent
FERTIBON Colouring cum Anticaking Agents are incorporated with active ingredients based on surface activity and ionic activity relating to surface coating, a host of promoters, migrating aids, lubricants, softeners, apart from coupling agents that are required to enable the organic chemicals to effectively interact with the hydrophilic fertilizer salt surfaces. FERTIBON Colouring Cum Anticaking Agents are non rubber reactive due to specially selected oil vehicles/carriers which do not cause any distress to the product conveyor belt system. These products are non-toxic in nature, and do not cause any skin toxicity/irritation, plant/micro-organism toxicity related to agricultural use of NPK.

FERTIBON Colouring cum Anticaking Agents is tailor-made based on specific process needs, over a wide span of fertilizer salts. FERTIBON also provides engineering service requirement in installation and operation of the dosing systems for controlled, cost effective dosing of FERTIBON Products.

FERTIBON Colouring cum Anticaking Agents can be evaluated by simple application procedures in laboratory as well as in the field. Details of the application procedure can be provided on request. It is our earnest endeavor to be of assistance in achieving customer's objectives by use of FERTIBON products and be rid of problems associated with conditioning of Fertilizer.
Dosing Colouring Anticaking Agent
Dosing Colouring Anticaking Agent
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