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The fertilizer industry over the last two decades has made tremendous progress in developing new process techniques that assures maximum efficiency and also in developing efficient grades of fertilizer that gives value added benefits in the farming yields. The industry has also adopted innovative techniques for improving the keeping quality of fertilizer during long storage as well as, in specific needs, colouring of fertilizer to give a unique identity and market appeal.

The fertilizer industry is undergoing a paradigm change with the change in pricing norms of the fertilizer and the need to cut input cost with an eye on energy conservation.

The advent of new innovative technology in the speciality performance chemical formulations has brought in cost effective, value added, and new generation products.
Manufacturing Facility
  Fertibon Products, a company promoted by technocrats having vast experience in the field of surface chemistry, has embarked upon a number of speciality performance chemicals, which have both tradition and innovation.

Products :
Product range of Fertibon Products in a nutshell is as follows:
  The manufacturing facilities of Fertibon Products are located at Dombivli, Dist. Thane, Maharashtra, India. The manufacturing is manned by a set of dedicated technical professional who understand the need of precise monitoring of process parameters for quality assurance.  
  Quality Assurance  
The in-process quality control on a continuous basis is carried out by Quality Control Chemists under supervision of a Quality Control Manager. The process parameters and specifications are laid out in such a way that these meet the stringent requirements.

Fertibon Products has a quality assurance laboratory at its disposal for quality checks of input raw material as also the final product.

Fertibon Products will be able to guide the user industry in
Manufacturing Facility Manufacturing Facility
  selecting a product from its range for the desired application along with guidelines for method of application and testing of the efficacy of the products.  
  Technical Data Sheets  
  The product brochures with technical specifications are enclosed. Fertibon Products shall provide additional information as desired on these products.  
  For Your Information  
  For users of FERTIBON Products for Fertilizers, it is necessary to take into account the following factors before deciding the economic level of dosing and the engineering method for dosing.  
  1. Designs,
  2. Granule/prill strength,
  3. Presence of fines,
  4. Moisture content and
  5. A host of other factors
  We invite all our valued customers to take advantage of our engineering service by spelling out their constraints and objectives for proper recommendations.  
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