Colouring Agent
The need for colouring of DAP fertilizer arose from the fact that imported DAP was uniformly black in colour. This colouration of the DAP granules most probably was the result of certain organic impurities in the rock phosphate and hence in the phosphoric acid. Additionally, colouring of fertilizer gives an identifying product appeal; at the same time eliminate any fear in the minds of end-user about possible adulteration.
Types of Colouring Agents
Colouring of fertilizers can be done in two methods:
1. Surface Colouring
  This is generally done in order to differentiate between two grades of fertilizers especially for NPK. For e.g. RCF colours their SUPHALA 15:15:15 to red so that it can have a distinct appeal compared to their SUPHALA 20:20:20. Also, SUPHALA 15:15:15 has potash as an ingredient which can be either white or red depending on the source of supply, hence the fertilized is coloured red as a caution if white potash is used in production.
2. Body Colouring
  The imported DAP has a uniform Black colour and hence it is advantageous to body colour the DAP Black. Body colouring is done by using suitable and compatible in-process additives, which are cost effective. For Body Colouring of DAP we offer two types of colouring agents:
1. Liquid Form
  INFER-1565S is a unique body colouring agent in liquid form which has been tailored to meet the stringent requirements of fertilizer compatibility and eco-friendly characteristics.
2. Powder Form
  FP-701 is a fertilizer compatible free flowing product. It has been developed specifically keeping in mind the need to offer a concentrated additive that can bring down input costs substantially by eliminating the need for liquid carboys. This reduces the packaging cost as well as transportation costs
Fertibon Products are in a position to offer a continuous automatic feeding arrangement for both liquid and powder type of colouring agents
Dosing of Colouring Agent
Dosing of Colouring Agent
Dosage Requirements
INFER-1565S(Liquid) is dosed at around 0.2% level along with FP-701(Powder) to obtain the required black shade of DAP. From number plant trials we have concluded that a dosage of about 0.2% INFER-1565S (i.e. 2 Kg's per metric ton of DAP) and 0.04% FP-701 (i.e. 0.4 Kg's per metric ton of DAP) gives the desired shade of Black.

The above dosage is based on an average as each plant is unique and no set dosage is available. Please contact us for a technical recommendation specific to your plant. Based on your plant specification we will calculate you dosage requirement. This service is available at no extra cost.
A few sample colours that can be acheived A few sample colours that can be acheived A few sample colours that can be acheived
A few sample colours that can be acheived A few sample colours that can be acheived A few sample colours that can be acheived
A few sample colours that can be acheived
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