In the process of manufacture of Phosphoric Acid, Diammonium Phosphate (DAP), NP and NPK type of fertilizers there is copious foaming taking place, which needs to be quelled.

Various types of Antifoaming Agents (Defoamers) are used for tackling this problem in the fertilizer industry.

FERTIBON Products are in a position to offer cost effective value added products for this application.

Technocrats who have floated this Company have over three decades of experience in the fertilizer industry having supplied thousands of tons of speciality Performance Chemicals for various applications in the fertilizer industry.

INFER 2681, INFER 2662 and DF-19 are well suited Antifoaming/Defoaming Agents precisely tailored for application both for phosphoric acid as well as complex fertilizer manufacture.
Process of Production of Phosphoric Acid
INFER 2681, INFER 2662 and DF-19 are incorporated with active ingredients based on surface activity and ionic activity relating to killing of the foam. They are non-rubber reactive and safely used. These Antifoaming Agent are non-toxic in nature and do not cause any skin toxicity/irritation.

Product Data Sheets are enclosed and from them it may be noted that they are composed of a synergistic blend of organic ingredients comprising of sulphosuccinates and other surfactants suitably formulated on aqueous vehicle and the formulations are acid compatible and easy to dilute if necessary and dose for foam control. The products do not flash at the temperature conditions at which they are used and are non-flammable.
Actual Reaction that takes place during phosphoric acid production without the use of Defoamer
Actual Reaction that takes place during phosphoric acid production with the use of Defoamer
Comparison of final reactor condition with and without Defoamer
without Defoamer with Defoamer
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